Ayelet offers individually tailored sessions, to accompany you and support your creative needs. One-on-One sessions are offered in-person (geography pending) or online. They are offered via our Patreon tiers, so that all of Ayelet’s one-on-one-ers also gain access to ALL Orchard Online content, including workshops, Creative Heart Circle and our ongoing Dreamweave.

One-on-one sessions may include:

  • Freeing your voice (vocal-function) using Somatic Voicework™, The Lovetri Method
  • Songwriting, composition and arranging
  • Improvisation practices
  • Developing your Jazz repertoire
  • Mentoring and career advice
  • Production of an effective EPK
  • Accompaniment of a fundraising campaign
  • Production of a full album

Select projects may be invited to be released on the Orchard of Pomegranates record label.

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