The Orchard

Welcome to Orchard of Pomegranates!

“I invite you to enter this Orchard of Pomegranates with a beginners’ mindset, with the curiosity of a child. Together, we will try new things, stretch our creative palette and our imagination, remain inspired and expand our practices.”

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb

The name of our community is derived from the Biblical erotic text, Song of Songs (4:13):
“an orchard of pomegranates, with precious fruits.”

The pomegranate is a luscious symbol in many cultures. Its fruit is bursting with seeds, sweet and tangy. It represents renewal, fertility and complex, juicy riches.

We invite you to explore our Orchard of Pomegranates and its various offerings and levels of involvement. As you explore the various offerings it holds, consider your own creativity, the support you are seeking, the inspiration you seek. We’re certain you’ll find an abundance of nourishment here, for your unique creative path.

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