Ruiqi Wang - Subduing the Silence (2023)

Ruiqi Wang 
Born and raised in Hangzhou, China, Ruiqi Wang 王睿琪 is a vocalist, composer and improviser in jazz and experimental music. Based in Tio’tia:ke/Montreal, Canada and Bern, Switzerland., sShe aims to achieve the greatest freedom and authenticity through her creativity. Her genre-defying aesthetics combine influences from jazz, contemporary Euro-classical music and traditional Chinese music. Over the last several years she has graced the stages of well known Canadian venues including Upstairs Jazz Club, Ursa, MAI/SON MTL, Le Basement and Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre.  
A graduate of McGill University’s Jazz Performance program, Ruiqi has studied privately with Ranee Lee, Camille Thurman, Ayelet Rose Gottlieb, and John Hollenbeck; She is expanding her artistic expression by incorporating movement, through practicing Open Source Forms with Susanna Hood, and attending Meredith Monk voice and movement workshops. In 2023, Ruiqi received the Salsinger Tani Gold Medal at the time of her graduation. Currently starting her studies for a Masters in Jazz Composition at the Bern Academy of the Arts in Switzerland, under instructions of Django Bates, Andreas Schaerer and Ralph Alessi, she intends to continue performing her original music across Europe, North America and China.  

Saku Mantere - Upon First Impression (2022)

Upon First Impression is Finnish born, Montreal based
vocalist Saku Mantere’s debut album. The music was
composed and recorded in both Finland and Canada
with a cast of some of the finest musicians from both
countries. A masterful work about heartbreak and a life
divided between two places, it’s an album that needed
time for the fermentation process to mature. Through
this difficult, split reality, Mantere surrounded himself
with dedicated collaborators that held his vision and
worked together as a tight-knit family to create a unified,
inspired work. The path to making this album has been
curvy, laced with unexpected turns and hidden roadsides.
In a world that idolizes speed and immediate
satisfaction, Mantere moves at his own pace with care
and attention to detail. This album benefits greatly from
repeated listening and a deep-dive into the lyrical and
musical riches it holds.
Mantere’s heart – perfectly imperfect – pulses through
every note, every word and every sound on this album.
He has managed to transform (as many great artists have
done before him) a broken love into a work of art,
carefully crafted, well thought-out, vibrating with
authenticity and vulnerability.
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