These Orchard offerings are available via our Patreon page:

Workshops, Masterclasses and Listening Parties

We invite our favourite artists, dreamers, innovators and thinkers to share their knowledge and insights with us through workshops, masterclasses and listening parties.

Some of our past facilitators have included cutting edge vocalists such as Theo Bleckmann, Luciana Souza, Dominique Eade and Fay Victor; Rhythm masters like Sofia Rei and Tupac Mantilla; Scholars such as Professor Eric Lewis who researches the life and work of vocalist Jeanne Lee and Jeanie Lovetry, founder of Somatic Voicework™, The Lovetry Method – creating a holistic method for vocal function; Songwriters and innovators such as Gaelynn Lee, Pyeng Threadgill and Dream master IONE, who also invited us to be Artists in Residence in her 2022 International Dream Festival; We also love to invite Movers and dancers including Aria Evans and Susanna Hood.

These past workshops are revisited monthly (different offering each month) via our ARCHIVE TIER

We also continue to host at least one workshop a month, live on Zoom, offered via our COMMUNITY TIER.

2023 Main Patreon Events

Monthly Community Gatherings

Our COMMUNITY TIER members are also invited to share their works, process, procrastinations, and prides in our monthly “Creatives’ Heart Circle” Facilitated by Ayelet. These gatherings have been known to spark insight and inspiration, breed collaboration and bring forth connection and constructive observation of one’s work, helping to fuel our individual creative journeys.


A dreaming community, we practice 24 hours-a-day listening, inspired by the work of Dream Master IONE. The DreamWeave is our version of communal dream-journaling. Done via a private group on WhatsApp, we share dream fragments and later work with them as creative source material for improvisation, song writing, Deep Listening and artwork. Every month, Ayelet creates a new collage and / or Dream Poem based on our collective months’ dreaming.

These Orchard offerings are available via our Patreon page:

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