All About Jazz – בצדי דרכים

These poems, all sung in Hebrew (and all translated to English) suggest that behind the conflict, contrasting historical, political and even cultural narratives live people who share like-minded passions, dreams and loves, often in relation to the same shared natural scenery. […] Roadsides is the most accomplished work by Gottlieb so far, a rare and inspiring work of beauty.

~ Eyal Hareuveni

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קראו עוד

Jewish Independent / שבעה + גומורי

There are so many levels on which one can experience Ayelet Rose Gottlieb’s music, and her most recent releases are no exception. Shiv’a, which comes out today, is cathartic, simply enjoyable and everything in between. Her other recent release, Gomory, is ethereal and visceral, and everything in between. Two very diverse recordings, they exemplify Gottlieb’s range of talent.

~Cynthia Ramsay

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קראו עוד