Jewish Independent / Shiv’a & Gomory

There are so many levels on which one can experience Ayelet Rose Gottlieb’s music, and her most recent releases are no exception. Shiv’a, which comes out today, is cathartic, simply enjoyable and everything in between. Her other recent release, Gomory, is ethereal and visceral, and everything in between. Two very diverse recordings, they exemplify Gottlieb’s range of talent.

~Cynthia Ramsay

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MusicWorks Feature/ Shiv’a

“There’s a faint but persistent ringing coming from the southwest corner of Ayelet Rose Gottlieb’s Vancouver apartment. We discover one of her young twins picking purposefully at the keys of a brightly coloured toy piano. The other twin comes over, attracted by this large stranger’s curiosity, and contributes her own jangling notes. When I start playing complementary sounds on Gottlieb’s nearby upright, the toddlers move closer and reach up, way up, to the big adult keys. I hadn’t intended to start our interview with a trio performance, but it was hard to resist.”

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VanCityBuzz / Shiv’a

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb has been performing music for over 30 years, and still finds new ways to be inspired in the studio and onstage.

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Jewish Independent / Roadsides

“Gottlieb’s songs are multifaceted, flowing around their listeners in audio waves, implying pictures and palettes, even if one doesn’t understand the Hebrew.”

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