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Le Parisien / Mycale

“Mycale sings a veritable rainbow of emotions that they deliver to theaudience ranging from cries to whispers.”
~ Marie-Pierre Bologna

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AJL / Mycale

Mycale, a vocal quartet made up of four of the most highly individualistic and creative singers working today, more than does justice to the material. […] Ayelet Rose Gottlieb is an accomplished jazz singer and composer (her recording Mayim Rabim has been previously reviewed).
~ Daniel Scheide

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NYC Jazz Record / Amanda Monaco’s Pirkei Avot

“Vocalist Ayelet Rose Gottlieb is stunning with her versatility and uses her rich voice to gain equal membership in the band. […] Original Hebrew and Aramaic lyrics are sung in Gottlieb’s Israeli-accented vocal style, reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald and Ute Lemperer”.
~Elliot Simon

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Rolling Stone Italia / Mayim Rabim + Upto Here | From Here

“[…] and then a musical image that recalls the origins of her family. Ayelet’s grandmother, I imagine her on a terrace on the hills near Jerusalem, between the pomegranates in bloom, while cats roam around, and the dream of the promised land grows day by day. This track is named after Venezia Mizrahi, a name that makes us understand the journey that is at the heart of this wonderful music.”
~Corrado Beldi

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