I Carry Your Heart: An Arnie Lawrence Tribute

Erik Lawrence: Saxophones, Flutes, Toys, Bells, Voice; Ayelet Rose Gottlieb: Voice, Breast-pump, Bells; Anat Fort: Piano, Mbira, VoiceMaor, Yasmin & Maia Levavi – Voices, Harmonica, Toy Piano, Piano, Crackers, Bells

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12 Lunar Meditations: Summoning The Witches

A song cycle inspired by the moon. Ayelet composed texts by (or chosen by) women from many parts of the world, ages and walks of life, reflecting on the moon.

The piece was recorded in Montreal, QC, with 18 participating musicians, including vocal master Jay Clayton (NYC), violinist Eylem Basaldi (NYC), guitarist Aram Bajakian (Vancouver) and improvisers’ choir conductor DB Boyko (Vancouver), drummer Ivan Bamford (Montreal), bassist Stephane Diamantakiou (Montreal), a choir of 12 improvising vocalists, and Ayelet herself.

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“It’s strange to think that a band of three clarinets and a single voice can conjure up a world of infinite possibilities, but that’s what the Vancouver/Montréal/Seattle/Brooklyn quartet Pneuma delivered in its debut performance of their program “Who Has Seen the Wind?”. With Ayelet Rose Gottlieb’s caramel-rich voice exploring several poetic variations on human experience, instrumentalists James Falzone, François Houle, and Michael Winogrand worked together as one—even as they uncorked everything from klezmer lamentation to out-there sonic surgery. Music this beautiful, intricate, and heartfelt deserves to be celebrated—and treasured.”

— Alexander Varty of The Georgia Straight, Vancouver, BC

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Roadsides, an ongoing project by ARG, takes the listener to the heart of contemporary Israeli & Palestinian poetry. Read more


“Mycale utterly dazzled with their precision harmonies and flute-like intonations” said Downbeat Magazine about Mycale’s performance at the Montreal Jazz Festival.
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Duo – Anat Fort + Ayelet Rose Gottlieb

Pianist Anat Fort and Vocalist Ayelet Rose Gottlieb have been collaborating on various projects since 2004. Their duo collaboration exposes a profound connection of sister-souls, sharing music and musings as they perform originals by both Gottlieb and Fort, alongside open improvisations and covers to familiar tunes and jazz standards. Their first duo album “Two More Dreams / Od Halomotaim“, features a set of lullabies for all ages.

Sung primarily in Hebrew, the album carries a message of peace as they perform Ayelet’s composition to the words of Palestinian poet Samih Al Qasim translated to Hebrew.

To accompany the gentle night-music, Ayelet and Anat collaborated with the award-winning, NY based illustrator, David Soman, and with Vancouver based animator Nhat Truong to create an animated video which will be launched along with the album.

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