Mycale - ARG, Sara, Malika, Sofia

“Mycale utterly dazzled with their precision harmonies and flute-like intonations” said Downbeat Magazine about Mycale’s performance at the Montreal Jazz Festival.
Commissioned by composer John Zorn to arrange, perform and record selections from his Masada Book II, vocalists Ayelet Rose Gottlieb (Israel), Sofia Rei (Argentina) and Malika Zarra (Morocco) and Sara Serpa (Portugal) use words, sounds and vocal beats to bring a unique interpretation to Zorn’s compositions. Presenting their diverse cultural backgrounds and passionate vocals, they sing in Hebrew, Spanish, Arabic, Ladino, Portuguese and French. Since the release of their album, Mycale: Book of Angels, Vol 13, Mycale have been touring internationally including performances at Teatro Manzoni (Milano), The Jewish Museum (Berlin), Middleheim Jazz Festival (Antwerp), Ashkenaz Festival (Toronto), Beit Avi-Chai (Jerusalem) and the Metropolitan Museum (New York). Their performances have been hailed by the press as “Transcendent” and “astonishing”. As The Examiner put it after recently hearing them in the John Zorn Masada Marathon at the New York City Opera: “for a moment, people may have been able to imagine the magical lure of the sirens”

Mycale live at the Metropolitan Museum, as part of the Zorn@60 concerts:


Gomory: snippets from the studio: