Private Sessions

Four spots available for private sessions in the Montreal area!

Whether you have classical, jazz or world music backgrounds, In my workshops and private studio, you will find yourself in a safe haven for creativity. Together, we will explore the playful, spiritual and technical aspects of singing, to reveal new ideas and possibilities. We will work in a creative improv context so that you can enhance your artistry and your performance skills to find a new freedom of expression. Each session is tailored around the individuals in the room that day, with an ongoing intention to spark your imagination and musical understanding. My approach is intuitive yet informed, guided by my years of experience as a musician and educator. I have taught toddlers to 85-years-alive. All levels of musicianship. I love the process of helping my students peel off layers to expose their truest sound. You are encouraged to take charge of your own musical gardening. With the fruits of our explorations, you will be able to nourish your musical growth for years to come. My role is to support you, expose you to new concepts and sounds, and enhance your natural abilities. I hope to see you soon, at a workshop, private session or house concert!

“You, sitting in the gardens – friends listen for your voice, sound it out!”
-Song of Songs, 8:13