Mayim Rabim

Mayim Rabim, Tzadik 2006

“The stunning Gottlieb possesses a powerful voice, using it with authority, soaring over the beautifully voiced chorus of four.” JazzTimes

Released on John Zorn’s Tzadik Records in 2006, Mayim Rabim is a song cycle composed by Ayelet to texts from the erotic biblical love poem “Song of Songs”. Sung in the original Hebrew, the recording features Ayelet & her brother Michael Gottlieb (lead vocals), Deanna Neil & Michal Cohen (background vocals), Galeet Dardashti (chanting persian trope), Michael Winograd (clarinet / bass clarinet), Rufus Cappadocia (five-string cello), Anat Fort (piano) and Take Toriyama (drums).

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Video by Renate Aller & Tamar Singer