“The stunning Gottlieb possesses a powerful voice”  ~Harvey Siders, JazzTimes

 “As with the music of Haydn, Mozart or Duke Ellington, it is easy to get caught up in the surface beauty of a work and ignore the tremendous craft that goes into it. While Gottlieb is primarily known as a jazz artist, composer and vocalist, her music incorporates elements of Middle-Eastern musical styles, classical composition and post-Sgt. Pepper pop music in a comfortable fusion.”  ~Daniel Scheide, AJL


Jerusalem-born musician Ayelet Rose Gottlieb draws on jazz, Middle-Eastern, and Jewish musical influences to forge an exhilaratingly eclectic sound. At once cutting-edge and rooted in tradition, her vibrant compositions are shape-shifting mélanges of textures and rhythms. A frequent collaborator of forward-thinking artists like composer John Zorn, pianist Anat Fort, and the ETHEL string quartet, Gottlieb performs both original works and covers that she reimagines via her one-of-a-kind sensibility.

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Ayelet’s NEW ALBUM “Shiv’a”, (2016 on 482music), is now available! Order your copy HERE!

Album cover – painting by Noa Charuvi

Shiv'a Album Cover. Painting By Noa Charuvi

Out now on Tzadik Records!

Mycale’s second release on the Masada Book II: Book of Angels series, featuring their arrangements to compositions by John Zorn, sung in Hebrew, Berber, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

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John Zorn + Mycale: Gomory, Book of Angels #25

John Zorn + Mycale: Gomory, Book of Angels #25

Ayelet is very happy to be part of this new book of interviews with women in Jazz, by Chris Becker.

You can order a copy of the book HERE



Freedom of Expression Book